PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Beta Apk Download

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Beta Apk Download

PUBG Mobile Recently launch a beta apk of PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Download. The Latest Pubg Mobile Apk is Now Available for Download

Finally, Download the PUBG MOBILE Latest Update, we are talking about version 0.14.0 that is amazing as always and now we have a new side view for the new Bizon Weapon, for you who do not know, we can now use two sights on the same weapon.

pubg mobile 0.14

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Version?

New Equipment:
M762: The M762 uses the same 7.62mm bullet as the AKM.It has four accessory positions, including muzzle, grip, magazine and second mirror, and supports three shooting modes, including single point, three bursts, and fully automatic mode.

Scooter: Only in the rainforest map – Sano refreshed the two-person scooter; compared with the current motorcycle, the scooter is slower, but the turn is more flexible; the durability of the vehicle is the same as that of a normal motorcycle.

Add Weather: Cloudy Day, Rain, Foggy Day

Map optimization:
In map optimization, we selectively focus on the map changes that are strongly related to the gameplay, bringing more tactical gameplay to the player, adjusting the terrain to change tactics, increasing map resource points, adding bunkers, etc. ;

terrain adjustment is mainly to increase in parts of the rock bunkers, trees, and bunkers, as well as for military bases to do a larger tactical adjustments terrain near the main city in the east of Z, a military base west side of the bridge:

increase buildings Also, the building group has been added near the air-raid shelter, providing players with more choices of placement points, selection of offensive and defensive points in the final ring, and selection of sniper points on the side of the card.

System-related optimization:
  • Room mode increases the chat channel;
  • In the brother list, the apprentice will have a separate logo;
  • Decomposition of limited-time clothing will not decompose the fashion worn by the character;
Character action optimization:
When the new role vacated speeding motorcycle standing action figure;
operation optimization turned the character, adjusting the twist angle and direction;
falling height hand swing operation when new character according to fall;

Battle other optimization:
  • Optimize the sound effect of a melee attack when hitting an object;
  • Add the dynamic modification of the character blood strip UI in blood and blood;
Battle settings optimization:
Picture setting optimization: New game brightness adjustment options;
Picking setting optimization: New quasi-mirror can control the priority of picking;
Custom operation optimization: Take medicine cancel button, rescue cancel button will follow the rescue button for customization.

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