PUBG Mobile Season 7 Update – Release Date, Leaks and Features

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Update – Release Date, Leaks and Features

Whats new in season 7

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Release Dates

The season 6 update of PUBG Mobile was made available on 21 March 2019 and will end on 15 May 2019. So, according to the dates we can expect the Season 7 to be released somewhere in between 16 May 2019 to 21 May 2019. As always it takes a couple of days to push the new update to all the regions. So depending upon your region, you will get the update sooner or later.

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What's New In PUBG mobile 0.12.5 Update

Dual Scope Mode

Dual Scope Mode pubg

The much-rumored two scope mode or the Canted Sight will be added to the game in the next update of PUBG Mobile. In the two scope mode, players will be able to equip two scopes on a single gun. The scope could be any long range scope or any sight. This will not only save the time of switching between two scopes but will also improve the reaction time. You will need to simply tilt the gun in order to switch between the scopes.

New Weather Mode In VIkendi
We might see the inclusion of the Frozen Vikendi map where players will have a limited time to loot and collect firewood before an ice storm will hit the entire map. During the ice storm, players have to take shelter inside a house and warm themselves up by lighting the firewood collected during the loot. Any player outside the house will take damage and will get knocked or killed by the ice storm. Also opposite to the chilling ice storm, there will be a normal Sunny Weather mode as well.

Virtual Pet

pubg mobile

The companion option that is available now will be made active in the Season 7 update of PUBG Mobile. As shown in one of our previous posts, a bird probably an eagle will be added to the game as the companion that will sit on your shoulder. The companion will have their own set of emotes and voices that will be triggered by the companion emote section.

Addition Of Animals

Pubg Mobile

I was joking around with my friends and said PUBG Mobile should include animals in the game, and they really did. Animals such as chicken and deer is rumored to be included PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map as seen in the screenshot above. You can kill them to get random loot such as Medi-kit, any gun attachment or even a flare gun, depending upon your luck.

You Win You, Cook
The chicken dinner will not just be a word anymore, it will be a reality. After the 0.12.5 update players will be able to cook the chicken themselves after winning a match. It will be quite a fun feature and will please many girl gamers and other cooking lovers.

Worry Less Dance More


We all have been a fan of the PUBG Mobile previous dance emotes and the developers are aware of this. The addition of 4 new cool and funny dance emotes is rumored for the next update of PUBG Mobile.

 MK47 Mutant Extended Mag
It’s been a while since the MK47 rifle was added to the game. Many players hate it and few love it. The reason for half the hate is due to the less capacity of the magazine. Normally the MK47 Mutant can fire 20 bullets in a single round and 30 with an extended magazine. With the new update, we might see the Mutant rocking a larger capacity magazine round with the extended magazine.

Other Enhancements
  • Battle Core Escalation
  • War Mode Enhancement
  • Enhancement of Quick Chat commands
Enemies Ahead
The enemies ahead command to mark nearby enemies (up to 800m) is now more transparent with the reduction of the size of the alert symbol in order to increase the visibility of the enemy. The alert symbol disappearance time will be increased making the enemy marked for a longer period of time then it is now. Also, you will be able to mark multiple enemies simultaneously without losing the previous mark, which is not possible currently.

I Got Supplies
It is quite frustrating to mark the same thing again and again until and unless your teammate comes and picks that up. Now the developers have made it possible to remark the same item for your teammate just by clicking on the quick chat previously marked the item, irrespective of your location.
Final Words
That was everything we know so far about the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 7 update or 0.12.5. If we get any new important leak about the same then we will update the article so please turn on the notification by tapping on the Yes button. Let us know what new feature is your favorite in the comment down below. According to the above leaks, the new update will surely be a hit and will please many PUBG Mobile fans!

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