PUBG Mobile Season 7 Release Date and Leaks

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Release Date and Leaks

Pubg Mobile Season 7
PUBG Mobile season six ends on fifteen May 2019. Thus, PUBG Mobile season 7 might begin on 16-17 May 2019. We will discuss PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaks, Royale pass items, and theme. We will disclose the items of Royale Pass in this article. With PUBG season 7 also comes the companion mode, a new robust male voice and a lot more! In this article, we have a tendency to ar speculating what all exciting stuff can accompany most expected season sevenWe will keep updating this article as and when we get more leaks and stuff about the next season.

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What is the release date of PUBG Mobile Season 7?

Season 6 went live on 21 March 2019 and will get over on 15 May 2019. This date can also be confirmed from the Royale Pass section of the game. The next season will eventually roll out within a matter of days, once the Season 6 ends on 15 May 2019.

What is included in the Royale Pass 7?

  • What is most amazing is that at RP 95 you will get unlimited custom room cards and that too for 7 days!
  • There will be 10 Royale Pass crates.
  • The third thing is 3 new emotes will be available with the Royale Pass 7.
  • Now for the most exciting part that are skins for weapons, vehicles and for everything else. So, we have 2 Pan skins, 2 Backpack skins, 1 Helmet skin, 1 Plane skin, 2 Parachute skins, 2 car skins which can be for UAZ. Also, 5 gun skins which will be divided as 3 for ARs and 1 for SMG and another for Sniper.
  • There will be a total of 9 outfits.
  • Royale Pass 7 promises more but this is all we know about yet.

What is new in PUBG Mobile Season 7?

Season seven comes with some terribly exciting and helpful updates whereas some might sound reasonably funnySo let`s dive within the details of the coming season. The dev team is currently acting on providing 2 scopes in a very single gun. The second scope is employed by tilting the gun to associate degree angle. You no more need to change the scope and waste critical time. As this can be the time when our enemy finds the opportunity to kill.Ice Storm: Ice storms are also ravaging this season within the Vivendi map. Snow would be falling and icy winds are processing everywhere the map. This will provide a terribly realistic charm to the snow map.

A new male voice also will be side. Companion: Another update is the companion.
This companion is a bird which will sit on your shoulder and go along with you to the parcelThe bird will hover around and has its own emotes. The bird would be invisible to the enemies so it cannot give away your position. This feature is already being shown in the game but when you click on it, you get a message saying that this feature is not yet available. Another thing about the next season can be the addition of animals like deers and chicken. You can kill them to earn some little things like thirty weapons system or medkits.

Also, you can finally cook your chicken dinner when you win the match!! 
So, this was all concerning the subsequent season of PUBG Mobile. Keep checking for brand new updates on leaks and rumors concerning the coming season. We will keep updating the article.

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