Hi Guys Today we will take a look at Pubg Mobile August Update 2018 or 0.9.0 Update August Patch Notes which is coming in the Chinese version of the game I Found these Pubg Mobile August Update 2018 0.9.0 Update August Patch Notes on Reddit you 
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Pubg Mobile August Update 2018? | 0.9.0 Update August Patch Notes?

Update promotion

  1. Get a reward for updating from August 2nd to August 11th:
    ** Permanent red Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon T-shirt
    ** 3888 Gold Coin
    ** One 2x BP card (3 days)
  2. New menu screen and sub-menu backdrops.

New content

  1. New “challenge” arcade mode with no mini-map indicators, hit markers, aim assist, auto pick-up, or grenade canceling. All other mechanics follow Classic mode. Challenge mode is for Orange only.
  2. The new QBU Marksman Rifle replaces the Mini-14 on Sanhok, to which it is exclusive.
  3. A new day and night dynamic cycle for classic mode. This weather is random; there will be new night vision masks in this weather.
  4. The Ronnie pickup truck is exclusive to Sanuk.
  5. The first person driving and riding perspective has been added and the freelook has been optimized for this perspective.
  6. Vehicles now have radios which play random variations on the PUBG theme. This can be turned on or off in settings in the vehicle control tab.
  7. Boost items are now available in training grounds.

New settings

  1. New “movie” picture style, the player can set the selection in the screen, which will take effect in all maps.
  2. Peek and fire settings have been updated. You can now select whether to tap or hold to lean for walking and stationary individually. There is also an additional option which will allow tapping to toggle peeking but will also stop leaning when released if the button is held down.
  3. Vehicle radio music can be toggled under vehicle controls.
  4. New “quick change” scope button menu added. Tap to select any attachable optic for the currently equipped weapon, including optics already attached to other weapons.
  5. Control schemes can now be saved to the cloud and ported to other devices running the same account.
  6. Emulators now have a dedicated login option.

Balancing and Bugfixes

  1. Vehicle sounds have been improved and optimized.
  2. Limb damage has been slightly reduced.
  3. Characters should no longer enter sprint when falling great distances.
  4. Menu and results screen graphical bugs are fixed.
  5. Players should no longer take random fall damage when bumping into other players.
  6. The UAZ will no longer randomly hit and knock out drivers or passengers.
  7. The camera should no longer shake excessively when riding in the sidecar of the motorcycle.
  8. The backpack capacity indicator should now read correctly.
  9. Optimized connection issue resolutions.
  10. Other bug fixes.
so this is what we know about Pubg Mobile 0.9.0 Update August Patch Notes and I hope we will get this new mode, new weapons and more soon this post is shared by LogantheInvincible

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