PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Chinese Beta Lightspeed Version [Beryl M762, Scooter and Autumn Zone]

Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.9 Now With New Weather, Rainforest Map¸ Island Map, New

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What’s New On PUBG Mobile 0.10 Version

#1: New weather, scene optimization

  • Rainforest Map – Sanno added random dynamic weather – cloudy, in which cloudy, rainy and foggy days will alternately and dynamically change; all day unlimited, the small probability to brush out .
  • Island map – Ai Lunge local optimization of outdoor scenes: some areas are arranged a new building, arranged a bunker near the part of the river, part of the space arranged more trees.

#2: New firearms

  • New firearms: M762 assault rifle – use 7.62mm caliber bullets, can assemble all rifle accessories except gun butt, can be brushed out on three maps.

#3: New Vehicle

  • Add new vehicles: scooter, only in the rainforest map – Sano brush;

#4: New dress up a scheme of the system

  • Users can save multiple sets of clothing with the program, and quickly switch warehouse.

#5: New watch opponent system

  • Players and their teammates can be watched after the opponents of the game, until the end of the single game.

#6: Firearms related optimization

  • QBZ, QBU updated a full set of magazines The model of the accessory.
  • Update the 4x mirror star pattern of UMP9 and Vector to keep the same as the end game.
  • Add the sound performance of the sniper rifle.
  • Update the animation of the first person part of the firearm.

#7: Firearm Balance adjustment

  • Slightly increased the lumbar scatter at rest, slightly reducing the lumbar spread of the underarm state.
  • Reducing the vertical and horizontal recoil of the AKM.

#8: Depth optimization of the throwing system

  • General optimization: When the temperature is thunder, the station can be switched. When the temperature is thunder, you can switch between high and low. The cancel button can be customized. The high and low throw buttons follow the change button to support customization. When you are sideways, you can throw it.
  • Fragmented grenade optimization: increase the effect of explosive tinnitus and increase the damage.
  • Optimize the combustion bottle: it can be blown up by firearms. The flame after the explosion can spread on the wooden floor and can break the glass and wooden door, and the damage is improved.
  • Bomb optimization: the front determination area is enlarged, and the whitening effect is optimized after the bullet.

#9: Character action optimization

  • The new character’s standing movement when the motorcycle is flying.
  • The character’s twisting action is optimized, and the torsion angle is adjusted. Direction.
  • Add left-hand swing action according to the fall height when the character falls.
  • Optimize the fluency of the character climbing the first half of the action.
  • Add the detailed action of leaving the plane and open the landing when jumping.
#10: Fighting other Optimization
  • Optimize the sound effect of melee attack when hitting the object.
  • Add the dynamic change of the character blood strip UI in blood and blood.
  • Add helmets and backpacks of different colors in the battle scene.
  • With the first and second modes of driving, add the emergency brake button.
  • Small map optimization: small map replacement of the island map, will not be cleared in the birth square after boarding the plane At the time of the icon point, the small map of the battle main interface will be dynamically scaled with the player’s horizontal moving speed.
  • The car vehicle sound re-tuning optimization.

#11: Battle setting optimization

  • Picture setting optimization: New game brightness adjustment option.
  • Sound setting optimization: new high and low quality options.
  • Picking setting optimization: new sight can control the priority of picking.
  • Recommended mirror optimization of 3 times mirror: 4 times mirror, 4 times mirror, 6 times mirror, 8 The recommended logic of the double mirror is more reasonable.
  • Customized operation optimization: the medicine cancel button and the rescue cancel button will be customized with the rescue button.

#12:  System related optimization

  • Mode increases room chat channel.
  • List of friends inside, there will be mentoring a separate identity.
  • Decomposition limits clothing.
  • The role of the player rankings will show the image of the players.
  • Optimize the entrance to the season function, move to the upper function entry.
  • Optimize the entrance to the season pass and the internal interface jump logic.
  • Move the team entrance to the “more” in the lower right corner.
  • Optimize nearby people, priority online player.
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